I help you achieve balance in the five pillars of health: Mind, Body, Family, Society, and Finances.
The solutions developed by NIKKEN’s research and development scientists fall into these key areas:

  • Environment
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition

These keys to Health Assurance focus on prevention of disease and just plain feeling good!

Discover a Life in Balance.

Watch the short video below to learn about the Nikken mission: Humans Being More.

To learn more about our solutions or to place an order, go to: www.Nikken.com/Merlo and click Shop Now.

Want extra money? Like helping people?

A home career in Vital Wellness may be a fit for you. Learn the basics in 6 minutes at www.Nikken.com/Merlo.

Although the business is simple, it is not easy! We offer a comprehensive training program to guide consultants to achieve their goals. Do not kid yourself: there are no overnight miracle success stories but good training DOES pay off.

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